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Originally Posted by slowoldguy View Post
Michael. The nephews and I will be taking our big bikes (KTM 950's and a slowoldguy on a GS Adv) down south of Cd Victoria in February to ride some twisties and class 1 and 2 dirt around the Cd Mante, Xilitla, and Jalpan area. Hoping to get to the Barranca Tolantongo.

Gathering up resources and will be glad to share what we find with you. General consensus on here seems to be that Bicimapas is better than Garmin but for dirt roads the Cartographia E32 downloads might be the best. I bought the latest Guia Rojii atlas (2013) but as far as state maps go, they don't seem to have updated them in a while. My plan now is to use the Guia Rojii city to city and the INEGI topo maps and the E32 gps maps for the dirt roads.

We wanted to do CC but the road condition down to Batopilas and the unpredictable weather in Creel made us think further south.
When I floated an idea to ride Baja to LaPaz then ferry across and ride CC and north, I was told that CC has gotten snow this winter and would not be a good winter ride....anyone got any idea on whether this is accurate?

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