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I'll probably offer the Pelican cases and the rack system as a seperate items. In fact you can get all the Pelican products through me, and I can integrate locks into many of them

For those who are unfamiliar with the Pelican line of products, one of the really nice benefits of dealing with that great company is the fact that all their stuff is lifetime warranted, and will replace anything that you manage to break, which is almost impossible to begin with. Even airport baggage monkeys have not done anything to a case I fly my dive gear in, which weighs about 50 pounds loaded. Motorcycle use is nowhere near that stressful. I have nikon cameras and gear in several other cases that have been dropped and bounced all over the place without damage with the internal foam filler.

This system for the motorcycles is great! Now I need to get a 1200GS Adventure to fit the cases!
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