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My 2004 1150 Adventure had the original drive shaft replaced at 97,000 miles. No, I did not see this happen, but was told it needed to be done. This was a long terrible experience at a dealer that is better forgotten. A long time ago.
The second drive shaft lasted about 67,500 miles or so. Not a huge number of water crossings were ever accomplished or attempted. When this second shaft failed it was at speed and piling on more speed. About 70 mph or so heading up a freeway ramp. The assembly let go and took the swinging arm with it, though only a few cracks.

I now figure pulling the thing apart and checking the joint for play at 30,000 miles and then every ten after that I might just catch it before any further drama.

" you may not be able to fix it with a hammer, but you'll damned sure teach it a lesson" - Anon
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