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Crash numero dos

Was not all the exciting or intense once all the dust settled (literally)! I was about ten minutes outside of Santa Marta and ahead of where I planned on being for the day. I was just thinking about deep life changing and difficult moto travel decisions like I hope I can find a place over-looking the water to have lunch. If I really dig my lunch spot I will stop for the day and if not I will go another 100k or so north up the coast. Right when I finalized that decision wham! A loud OH F*#@ from me and tried to ride of it but no chance. A small moto on the side of the road had decided it was a good time to pull into traffic right into the side of me. I was doing about 35 mph on a perfectly straight road nothing I could do. No pictures of the actual crash b/c it was on a busy road and as soon I stopped skidding people were helping to pick up my stuff. Down on the left side again! That side case is taking a beating!

As for me, so road rash on my palm b/c I had taken my gloves off shortly before to do something and never put them back on. Also some very minor road rash on my hip with a nice bruise and a fair amount of swelling. Thank you riding pants! They did their job.

After I stood up and got my bike to the side of the road I could tell my side case was in pretty bad shape. The other case also ejected and spit out a lot of its contents. I was trying to pull myself together and lots of people were in my bubble. I was nice to them but really just wanted everyone to go away for a minute. The guy that hit me was grabbing his leg when the polica showed up. They asked me if I wanted to go to the hospital and I said "NO WAY" While this was going on the guy that hit me had taken off. What a guy eh?

Things are calming down a little and all I can think about is where can a get a giant loop bag or another box to continue my trip!?!?! Wheels turning mentally. I need to get a cab throw all my stuff in it and follow the cab to a hotel. Finally I take my blinders off and listen to this one guy who speaks pretty good English. His name is John and he is wearing a hat from the exact Facility that I work at in remote Alaska! He is trying to help and all I want to know where he got that hat. He told me his friend Billy Williams works there. He keeps asking me if I am OK and and I say let me get your picture.

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This is John he gave me his phone number and said if I need anything to call. Also recommended a great little family hotel that was cheap and let me borrow some tools. Should have gotten a little better pic but his hat says Milne Point AK!! What are the odds? One of those things that makes you feel like everything is going to be just fine.

The bike damage/repairs:

Work area:

Where my foglight was:

Totally smashed latch and tools of the trade

Siliconed case

Bash guard/bike saver

In the end it was all minor stuff and I was back on the road for a test ride the next day and traveling fully loaded the day after that. Glad I was on a big bike and the other guy wasn't.
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