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. .......... do I hear banjo music?
It may be Genetic or it may even be Generic or possibly even Geriatric but I didn't want to confuse the issue. I know Superpac is a nice guy and all young and tender. He hasn't reached the advanced level of depravity that some of us operate at. I hate working on Kawasaki's, they are so complicated. If you want to get all technical there is a possibility that in the process of fiddling he may have gotten the Transgender Labia Diffuser out of Sync which would among other things cause a disruption in the Androgenous Metamorphic Classification. As you know the only way to tell if this happened is to hook it to a Hermaphroditic Defibrillation Scope which are extreemely hard to read unless you are flatulent in at least three languages. There is a translation module available however it is rarely cost effective. Some people have been known to just Man up and reach down into the problem but you run the risk of ending up with much more of a handful than you were expecting. That is the Horror that I was trying to save Superpac from. Such a thing could scar him for life. All this time you were thinking "It's just a little bike. Pour gas in turn on switch kick over...Suck, Squeeze, Bang, Blow...and away you go". It's much deeper than that. Banjo's just make it hard to concentrate.
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