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Originally Posted by UpST8 View Post
Moe.ron decided to once again test his new crash bars going from 58 onto Pozo...pea gravel, same color as the road, can be as dangerous as the black ice. Again no damage other than scratches and a bent shift lever.

I'll let him elaborate on that tail if he wishes.

Beauty of a scene to take a break at though...glad you weren't hurt brother Moe.
FUCKIN' OW! I was really lucky, never saw it coming, bike slid right out from under me, I was doing 30 MPH or so.

I was mad as hell too, I was feeling pretty proud of myself at this point, like I just rode Dakar or something, only to be wiped out by a little gravel making a left off the highway, WTF!!

My whole body hurt, got a bit of bruising on my arm, leg, and my side is sore as hell but feeling much better. All I remember is my head bouncing off the pavement. Shoei rocks!

I dont know if this makes sense or not but I am not nearly as afraid of crashing as much as before. I would still prefer not to do it again for a while though.

Hosed the mud off the bike, my shifter is the right shape again. Lets go!!

Oh, a big thanks for the guys that helped pick me and my bike up off the road!

More to follow, please stand by...
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