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Originally Posted by ShadyRascal View Post
My 1911 is a plain Janer with some fix-up done. Not sexy at all compared to all those shiny ones but it shoots pretty accurate and always reliable.

Bought me another Glock the other day, and took two of them out to the range to play, and brought the 1911 along. I'll be damned if that 1911 isn't just the funnest one in my battery to shoot. I just love the thing.
Very nice, I have a SA also, but without the hammer, trigger, and grip safety mods. The grips look like the Hogue grips that are on mine. Very comfy. But I agree, just the most fun weapon I have to shoot.

I've had the gun for a few years, and while cleaning it sometime last year, I noticed the serial number began with "NM". I was convinced I had a national match 1911. I was disappointed when I learned that was simply the code for Brazilian manufacture.
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