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Originally Posted by mouthfulloflake View Post
allowing fluid back in from where?

ive got a dana 44 empty housing if you want to look at it, its like any other solid axle ive ever seen.

drain it, refill a known amount, run it, and check later, and check real good for leaks, pinion seal, diff cover, and at the ends of the axle tubes.

its going somewhere, and youd have to do something silly to get it hot enough to vent otherwise.

silly, like running a detroit locker on the interstate..
Nevermind. I figured it out. There are two screws that hold the brake line to the axle with a bracket. I remember when I installed it that these go through the axle tube, essentially making a hole. The oil appears to be leaking out through there.

And, you're right in that it must be getting hot because the oil is low. I'll clean it up, RTV the holes and refill it. Just not tonight.

Good thing the weather will be warmer tomorrow. I can take the bike.
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