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I had a set of custom ear molds made that accept my Etymotic ER6i earphones. They will accept other brand earphones as well. No fiddling with getting these babies in there just right, there is only one way, and it is just right. Excellent isolation from wind noise, They won't pull out when you're putting on your helmet, and they stay comfortable all day. Quality of the sound depends on how you equip them. I'm very happy with mine.
I've been looking at some of the Etymotic earphones because of the triple flange to isolate noise. That custom ear molds with earphones is a one-time shot, right? Not that it is a big deal. I guess the first step is to secure a set of those earphones and see how well they fit me.

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Bump - the fun of being surrounded by a monsoon with no cover

That doesn't look very nice! Though, I did experience one like that in 2011 on the Goldwing up in Nebraska. I had time to stop an put on rain gear, but the big drops where hitting in the process. How did you fair through this?
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