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Originally Posted by JRod152 View Post
Someone say flyfishing... in for that too! Cant wait. Just had vacation pics yesterday at work and was able to get the time off. Looking forward to some pre-rally exploration as well as some good times in SB!
CJ reports that the river will not be running when we are there. Got a call back from Brian at the campground today but couldn't take the call. Hope to touch base with them tomorrow. I'll ask about fishing in the area in September. Hopefully there is some place to fish that time of year. I have a four-piece Temple Fork Outfitters 5/6 weight rod that works pretty well on the bike.

Anybody interested in riding out together? I know CJ put together a group, but I think they are full up. I'm interested in staying off the slab and looking for interesting things to photograph along the way. I could ride down to Missouri or up to Minnesota to hook up with somebody. Well, as long as it doesn't look like this in Minnesota at the time:

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