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Originally Posted by 4TooMany View Post
I've gotta disagree. If the exhaust was plugged, it would run richer, yes, but it would also run cooler.* Also, if it was clogged enough to make any difference in temperature, you'd have a noticeable loss of power. At risk of sounding like an ass, I think it's all in your head. The bike, stock, already runs so lean (and hot) that if it were running lean enough for the exhaust to get hotter, it wouldn't run at all. Just my two pennies.

*Edited to add: the only way in which excess fuel would cause the cat to get hotter is if there was also excess oxygen. The only way that would happen is if the bike was misfiring. And if it was misfiring, you'd notice. Simply running rich due to being clogged would make it run cooler.
I agree on the rich running. I was thinking that if it has been running rich for a while ( op reporting poor gas mileage) sod can build up on hot spots.... The cat is one big hot spot. If it gets enough gunk in there the cat looses it's efficiency. It can of course be anything.

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