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I agree electric jacket liners, etc. is the way to go for cool/cold weather riding. There is some good stuff out there. I prefer the warm and safe electric jacket liner as it fits me better than gerbings. I've used both as well as Widder which is no longer.

Now about urinating out in the wilds: There are a number of different items. Amazon has a selection: To the guy that is asking for his lady - - - - show her the computer and how to use it so she can do her own research. At the very least open the Amazon page and let her read the reviews of the different models.

While there are a lot of trees in the PNW there's also a lot of desert and I'm pretty danged private when it comes to potty time. I have never thought of it as a spectator sport. Yes, the guys are good about giving the gals their privacy but I'm still shy.

The idea of placing a pee covered funnel thing in a bag and in with my gear is distasteful to me but it can be wiped out with tissue and put the tissue in a seperate ziplock. Not perfect but it will work. I don't like leaving tissue out in the forest or in the desert so I put my used tissue in a ziplock anyway to be disposed when I get somewhere there is a trash can.

I wasn't fond of the idea of this entire process until a friend told me about how her's was much welcomed by her when she injured her leg on a long multiday ride and wasn't able to squat. She said it was so great to be able to stand up and pee. That reminded me of breaking my knee cap while out dirt riding and how I couldn't squat and how I never wanted to go through that again. I realized getting one of those plastic things might just make a difference at some point. After all these years I ordered one and will learn how to use it.

No I will never stand shoulder to shoulder with the boys and pee off a cliff and from what I understand I still won't be able to write my name in the snow so that's out but it might be convenient.

I've never wanted to be one of the boys but there are somethings they do have an advantage with.
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