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So despite getting up at 4am, I think I have the energy for one more post tonight.

After we spent a few days and nights in Durango, we decided to hit the road again. Monument Valley in southern Utah is another landmark that was on the bucket list for this trip. We eventually were going to head towards Mexicali to cross, so this wasnt too much out of the way for us.

As we planned a route back west, we noted none of us had ever been to New Mexico. We found a road that would take us there, but not in the direction we needed to ultimately go. Nonetheless, we decided to ride into New Mexico....snap a picture, leave and get back on track. But hey, I technically now have been to NM

As we left in the morning, we had no plan to arrive at Monument Valley at any certain time, but it just so happened to work out we arrived during sundown. This turned into a fantastic photo op and we spent a good hour or so taking advantage of it!

Some of you may remember this spot from the movie Forrest Gump. As indicated by the sign, this is where he stopped his cross country running.

Photo time, people probably thought we were nuts as we kept running our bikes up and down the road to get cool pictures!

Normally, its helmets on, but we had to look badass for this picture!

So after the sun set, we set out trying to find a place to camp. Off we went back to gas station for fuel and beer.

In all of my travels, I have only met the nicest and kindest people on the road. Down by Monument Valley, this came to a halt though. We were really close to a Native American reservation and things started to get a little weird and unpleasant.

The first "sitchiation" we encountered was at the gas station where we met an Indian who started chatting us up and seemed friendly enough. He asked what we were up to and we told him about our photo sesh at Monument Valley. He then told us how that was his land and we owed him money for the pictures.

We laughed at first, but then stopped when we realized he wasnt actually joking. It was a bit perplexing and the three of us looked at each other and simultaneously closed our shields and started out bikes to end that. This was the first and not last unpleasant encounter we had. Ill delve into it more when we get there.

Either way, it was now dark and we needed a place to stay. The little motel that was clearly vacant quoted us some absurd price for a room so we went to the trusty GPS to lead us home for the night, We found a place called Gooseneck State Park a few miles away and so it was decided.

We rolled into Gooseneck in the pitch black and had no idea of the treat that we awoke to in the morning.

The night before we spent a good portion of the evening drinking beer and hucking rocks into the black abyss that was the Gooseneck.

Next up is Indian Country and Sedona, AZ where I get to see my cousin Wendy whom I havent seen in over a decade!
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