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I've used both my old first gen Droid and my iPhone4.
Lately I've used Strava.
And have toyed with using MotionX GPS.
Since my bike isn't where I am and even if it was all I'd do is worry it was still in my room when I got back I don't know yet abut the MXGPS thing. It says it can connect to a HRSensor. Doesn't have any cycle specific toys, So, you could just make up your cadence and gigajoule energy output. I guess.
The single suck factor I've experienced with using the phone is it eats the battery quick. That damned Motorola Droid would suck the battery dry in about two hours with the GPS hunting its way around. The iPhone lasts about 7, or did when I could go that long. Now, I'm at a bit over a half hour so no worries. I don't listen to music when I run or ride. I have enough going on remembering not to puke on myself, and that the big flat hard thing is the ground.
Of course with Strava you have the added problem of always chasing some virtual rabbit out there in the ether who is forever bettering your times.

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Anybody using their phone for a cycling computer?
I started thinking about this last year, and never bothered to research it. I'm certain it's already out there. I figure I already carry it, and had thought about using the GPS and map for rides that go out a little further than usual, all I'd need is a mount for it. And if I'm going that far, I'm sure it could do double duty and replace the little pos cadence/speedo counter I have on the bike now. I'm also sure I could find something that would let me use a chest strap heart rate monitor as well. Then I start to get a head ache and forget about it.

So who can recommend a way to tie my smart phone in with a HRM, and a cadence sensor. The rest is already covered.
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