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[QUOTE=Road Rash;20553663]Yep.............I hear it too

"I saw , my eyes burned, my mind reels at the remembrance of the horrid event,,the laughing Santa Claus bent over the helpless undersized 2 stroke,it's tiny airway penetrated time and again,or was it more than 2 strokes?,,poor, poor Santa,,,

And,,, all he brought us was the KTM-MAN,,,no rudolph, no elves,,just a big KTM wind up toy!
black and orange Man!,,hat, shoes, socks, belt, hubcaps, black truck with orange wheels,with ktm hubcaps,,,
ktm shirt, ktm pants, ktm cup holder, ktm sunglasses,(in the frikken dark), and just guess what he wants to rave about?!
I have never laughed so much in my entire life as that night,,I swear before noon!
2 really high highpoints in my ADV life,,
Best heart feeling/life boost = Raindog's Bash
Best goofy laugh until yer sick = Wibby's birthday at John's Peak
I can tell ya stories that will crack you up laffing, but only around a campfire,,we are not safe here.
"Your God, your rules,,YOU go burn in hell!" LLV
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