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Ok, thanks guys. This keeps getting more complex but more practice will help.

This is the track for the ride I posted on twowheelsthreeamericas.

North of Elohim City a few miles is a 4 way intersection (all gravel). I started north from that intersection and within a hundred yards found the scat in the road. The next few miles was such a scenic backwood road it just ended too quik. However, considering starting at Highway 101 and then to follow the road north thru Elohim, Bear Scat, and Workmans Mountain adds up to a good 30 minute gravel and dirt road stretch. There is a few nice places to stop for a break in the wildlife refuge.
I turned west before entering Arkansas and the roads alternated between gravel and paved over to Highway 59. Most of this stretch is what I call Ford truck farms. Most of the residents have 10 or twenty acres, a couple cows, some chickens, too many dogs and a Ford truck. A conversation with the local forrest ranger revealed that even though this area is known for being 'a little rough' he thinks "it's not that bad".
Turned south on 59 for about 2 miles and cut thru the industrial park and then to Dahlonegah Park. The industrial park has a herd of goats roaming free but the bike sound sent them running.
From D. Park (abbriviated because i'm not sure I could spell that name correctly a second time) it's mostly gravel and there is a low water bridge and a lake. Both have areas available to pull over and take a break and even fishing. Then up to Highway 100 and west about a mile to Doug Sehls Motorcycle repair Shop. I liked this guy because he made me feel so welcome. Charged my batteries and looked over his bikes and trophies. He is building a 'bikers only' camping area around the lake behind his repair shop.

Tomorrow were starting at Dougs and making the link to the bridge where Kilted and Cropear took photos, then north to the low water crossing of the Illinois River....

Ride Safe.......with a helmet

Every day is a new adventure!
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