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Originally Posted by Superpacman13 View Post
Jeebus, it won't rev up and now will only idle for about a minute. It gets boggy from 1/2 throttle up and puts the smoke cloud down. I have new points, new coil, new ignition(key), the exhaust is not plugged, I have put the needle in every position possible, tried every increment on the fuel screw. The rotary valve looks ok, but that doesn't mean anything because I don't know what its supposed to look like. Since its none of those, it must be that the schewgner valve being installed in the counter-clockwise plane.
Crank seal(s) like my genetic/geriatric/gentle/genital/genial/gelatin cousin said. Do a leak down test. Also, check the inner rotary valve cover seal - this separates the slick stiff from the combustible stuff. Pull the carb, then pull the cover the carb hooks to - it ought to have a good gasket seal all around it to keep oil out and air/fuel in.

If you took the rotary valve apart, it is possible to put the plate back in upside down and backwards on some of the Cow-a-socky models. Never worked on an 80, though.

Sounds a lot like an induction problem to me. Either it's sucking gear oil in a big way or the rotary valve doo-hicky ain't valving like ought to be.

I assume you have good compression and didn't bust a (the?) ring?

All else fails, get a Hodaka!
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