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Originally Posted by bill pierce View Post
I have been plugging away the last couple of weeks on my dual sport conversion. It's starting to come along.

I've been kinda stumped by the fender half way to the axle requirement. Call me picky or whatever but, some of the fender extensions look kinda crappy I think. But then it's a dirt bike so who cares?

Anyway I hacked up the old front fender and made a hugger. I'm thinking about painting it mat black so it doesn't stand out so bad. Do you guy's think my fender will pass inspection?

Sorry, I would not pass your fender. IMO it does not do whats intended.(Keeping rocks out of cars windshields)
What we have been doing is making a fender extension out of rubber, It hangs down a bit behind the license plate and is easy to deal with. It looks fairly decent as well. Easy to do and cheap.

Originally Posted by 81forest View Post
I have a couple of n00b questions that I have not found answers for yet, maybe you guys can help... I'm in the process of bringing my 2005 KTM 450 EXC up to street legal. Sicass sells some nice kits for the conversion, but does not list "DOT" for any of the lights they sell. Taskys in Everett tells me that every light must say DOT or E3-11 on it. I suspect that many of the LED lights that various suppliers sell do not meet this requirement. Also, will the stock stator on this bike supply enough juice, or will I need the stator upgrade or AC conversion that everyone seems to suggest anyway? I just read the comment that lights need to work while the bike idles. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance-

almost forgot (because otherwise it didn't happen):
Like Tod mentions there are no requirements for DOT lights, DOT lights might not pass a real test to the #s
Tasky wants to play on the safe side, you cant blame him for that.
Your KTM stator puts out about 80 watts AC, Plenty to do the job with a decent headlight, you can run your blinkers and horn from the battery so no need to get the DC conversion.
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