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In all of my travels, I have only met the nicest and kindest people on the road. Down by Monument Valley, this came to a halt though. We were really close to a Native American reservation and things started to get a little weird and unpleasant.

The first "sitchiation" we encountered was at the gas station where we met an Indian who started chatting us up and seemed friendly enough. He asked what we were up to and we told him about our photo sesh at Monument Valley. He then told us how that was his land and we owed him money for the pictures.

We laughed at first, but then stopped when we realized he wasnt actually joking. It was a bit perplexing and the three of us looked at each other and simultaneously closed our shields and started out bikes to end that. This was the first and not last unpleasant encounter we had. Ill delve into it more when we get there.
If this happens again, remind him that your taxes pay for his health care and that you've already given enough to him.

Cool ride.. can't wait to see how it develops!
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