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Originally Posted by ShadyRascal View Post
Damn! There are none of those around this whole area. Been looking for weeks and all the gun stores just laugh when I ask them. Range report asap please!
I don't mean to hijack his post butů

Range report - S&W M&P Shield 9.
Purchased/Delivered April 2012.
Approximate rounds - 1000+, All types and brands of ammo.
Daily carry ammo - CorBon Powerball +P or Hornaday Critical Defense.
Malfunctions - ZERO
Carried everyday.
Customers who have shot my gun - At least two dozen.
Accessories - Extra 8 round mag, Masters Leather pancake holster for Glock 26/27.

I work at a gun range as a sales/customer service rep, Range Safety Officer and Basic Pistol Instructor. I carry my Shield every day and shoot it at least twice a week. In my 1000+ rounds, I've had no malfunctions or abnormal wear. It's accurate enough for me to score 285/300 on my monthly qualification with timed shots from the holster as far as 45 feet. The CorBon Powerball ammo is pretty speedy (100gr bullet traveling 1425 fps) and spendy ($1.50/round) but it has great reviews. Everyone that shoots my Shield wants one. I've had customers offer me $650 for mine but I won't sell it. It's just too comfortable to carry and too hard to get another one. I was shooting mine a week after they were introduced because I stayed up almost all night on the internet the day they came out to order it. I got mine from Kentucky Gun Company and had it shipped to AZ.

I can comfortably pocket carry it with the seven round mag installed. If you get the 40 cal version, you can buy a 9mm barrel and mag and shoot cheaper ammoe(s).

We haven't received any Shields at the store for sale. We're waaaaay too small a dealer to get one anytime soon. Shoot, we just got a Ruger SR1911 the other day after ordering some 2 years ago!

Bottom line, if you see one, buy it!

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