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I realize that not everyone will be running this thing all at once. Seems like many will be doing a section at a time.

To make it easier to sort things, I am changing the labels on the 900+ waypoints to indicate what section (generally provinces) the waypoints are in.

Most of the waypoints are already grouped by type (gas, hospitals, dealers, etc) so they are easy to manage. With the new labels, one will be able to separate a subset of each category specific to a section (i.e. all dealers in MB, or all gas in SK, or all camping on VI). This will also make it easier for someone searching waypoints on the trail. If you were looking through the dealer waypoints on your GPS while you are riding the TCAT, you would find them labeled (and thus ordered) by section.

So, for someone riding only a portion of the TCAT, it would be easy to build a custom file for your trip by snipping out the waypoints and tracks that pertain to the section you plan to ride and putting them in your own file. Makes for a tidier file that uses less capacity and for more flexibility in planning.

This will be included in the next major revision.
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