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Originally Posted by stemic01 View Post
Rod: This is part of many of the russian Motorcycle festivals and is called Unimoto if I got it right. Check out this video to see how the competition goes
Thanks for that clarification Steve. I looked on the link you posted earlier for more pics but the text's in Russian and I can only say "Goulash, Borscht ( BARSCHT!) , nye-panimye and khorosho" so not really suitabe for photo-searching.
I'd look at it again now but I'm at work and the titty-patrol software might set alarm bells ringing with career limiting consequences. .
I work in the nanny-State where they can work a man to death or breakdown with stress and pressure but don't let him glimpse a buttock or breast or you might offend someone's politically correct sensibilities. .You work it out.....

I'd hoped to get to the bike-fest at Baikal but the geographically misinformed Mr Colebatch gave you all a bum steer and took you on a field trip instead of a beer and pussy-fest. I didn't feel so bad not missing it.....I know what grass looks like.
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