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Originally Posted by Beezer View Post
sooooo..... even if that service column is 10000, you are still supposed to replace the crank & bearings at 10,000k (6000 miles)?? thats a summer's ridin'.... mebby 2 tops. that would give one pause... an expensive total rebuild every couple years... not interested if that is the case...
I would agree, although I imagine the figures on that service sheet refer to 'competition use', as the G450X engine/bike was originally designed as a competitor to the other European Enduro bikes, and the Husky TE449 continues that tradition of a 'hard enduro' (to use KTM's nomenclature).

I'm sure if used in the role CCM have in mind for it (ie. 'trail' riding), then the requirement for major servicing/component replacement is far lower and intervals can be significantly extended? - similar to EXCs etc used for dual-sport riding?

Sure a small sump [if they haven't increased oil capacity] means typically 1000 mile oil changes to be safe, but I imagine the rest of the internals shouldn't need much attention in day to day use?

I guess there is always going to be a compromise [particularly for small manufacturers who have to buy-in engines] as there are very few modern 450cc engines to choose from that aren't competition orientated these days?

At least this BMW engine produces good power for it's size and weight, which means the overall package should be far more nimble than the 650cc class adventure bikes...

I think what CCM have done here is essentially produced an off-the-shelf 'adventurised' European Enduro bike - it may not suit everyone, but at least that option is now out there?

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