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Originally Posted by reubenRN View Post
some features like ABS, traction control, better suspension and such, provide an extra layer of protection. Can these safety features save you a couple days of hospital stay? Of course, better judgement can do all that at a lot less $$

Being an RN we realize how fragile life is and random stuff happens to random ppl everyday, I would skip the "best bang for the buck" and go directly to higher performance stuff.
Maybe I misunderstood something, but that sounds like a bit of a bizarre claim. For one thing (and please correct me, if I´m wrong) the new 2012-> Wee has ABS as standard, all around the planet? I do agree though, that ABS is a great safety feature for riding on pavement or nice gravel. In fact the 2012 got a new ABS unit compared to the 2011.

I don´t see how you´d get substantially better “high performance” parts buy getting a Tiger 800? The bikes in this class are all built to a price point. A bit better spec, maybe, but not much. So much better, that they´re in fact safer? No way, not buying that one at all. No real change on that, even if you buy a S1000RR or GSXR1000 (though these will have “high performance” parts).

Safety comes from knowing your bike inside out, not exceeding your own abilities, being alert, and finally out of experience. When talking about safety & modern motorcycles, the exact spec of the parts matters very little compared to any of those areas, that are all related to the rider first and foremost.

Just my 0.02 of course.
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