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Originally Posted by trapperj View Post I ordered one of these a couple months ago...ran across a used one and bought it. Now I have another that will be in my Hands soon...I just bought a new Husqvarna has a FI engine from BMW seems to suffer from the same lean conditions as the big GS...MY question is .... will the IICE work on this bike?
I'm going out on a limb and say YES! With one or two little caveats. The motor in your new Husqvarna is for all intents a BMW G650 single, but I don't know if the bike uses the same Intake Air Temperature sensor as all the other BMW fuel injected bikes. If so, then the IICE Air will work, provided there is a handy location for a ziptie within about a foot from where the stock air temp sensor is located. Which doesn't look like a problem.

I searched for an online parts fiche for the new Husqvarnas and didn't find one, so you'll be doing the recce on this. Maybe you can take some pictures of the stock air sensor and surrounding area and post it up. Or email them to me.

p.s.: Even if Husqvarna uses a different Intake Air Temp sensor or connector, as long as the temperature/resistance curve of the stock sensor is the same as the BMW bikes, then the IICE Air can still be fitted to your bike with a wire splice.)


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