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Originally Posted by wb57 View Post
My phone is telling me it's 19F here right now. May get into the mid-30s by the afternoon. It's been a long time since I missed a day of riding due to cold. Hopefully, I can find a boat this afternoon. I'm going to give myself bonus points if I can find one on the water.
My bike is parked outside right next to my boat.
My camera is actually inside my boat.
It's 20degC here at 11pm.

I started playing Global Wild Card Tag to get myself out of the house and onto the bike, especially when I get cabin fever in winter, so unless this one drags on, I won't deprive anyone else of a reason to get out of the house and onto the bike.

But be warned, if I go sailing, I will keep an eye out for a motorbike to photograph from my boat! Does it count if its not my bike, but it is my boat?

Mind you, 19f? Isn't that like, colder than my deep freeze? How do you survive??? I mean, metric temperatures start at 0C because that is the coldest it supposed to ever get! It's that whole "Right to bare arms" typo that causes so much trouble!
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