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Originally Posted by Dogtown View Post
Ive got (maybe) a related question/comment.

My 07 990 is making some weird throaty air box noises intermittintly....Totaly weird!? I kept the bike running and as far as I can see the 1/2 inch drain tube came out of the bottom of the air box and thats the cause....I think?? Its routed down the side of the bike to drain anything out that might get in I guess. Have not re connected yet but why is the sound intermittent??

Oh! i have ectomy'd all the SAS and such
I'd say you are having an intermittent air leak in your air box. Alongwith the weird throaty noises, do you also have un-steady idle and running issues ?

The drain tube should be attached to the air box, but disconnecting will not cause any noises/issues. Why not re-connect it and see if it changes anything (ideally, it should not) ?
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