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a break in the weather......SEQ Australia

Gee it’s been hot…..admittedly nothing like the extremes in other other parts of the country, but we’ve still had a few weeks of temperatures consistently in the high 30s…….too hot for pleasant riding.
So last Monday and Tuesday’s forecast of 31-32c looked like a good opportunity for a little ride I’ve been thinking about.

Load the Flat EarthTM navigational system.

Stick to the bitumen for the first hour or so from home.

First stop Kilkivan. Topped up the tank at the servo across the road from here. She’s lookin’ dry eh?

Must’ve been a bit of a wild storm through Kinbombi area last night.—a lot of branches down for a few kays along here.

Ah, this is what I’m after . I’m looking forward to a couple of days just cruising around on back roads.

Went past this station homestead somewhere along the way…..can’t remember exactly where it was.

I probably should’ve enhanced this a bit, but I doubt it’d make much difference. It’s just down the western branch of the upper Brisbane River. If you look closely there are about half a dozen feral deer just to the right of the tree.

Just out east of Nanango somewhere. Hope you like pictures of a bit of road with a motorbike in the foreground……there’ll be a few of them.

Just the other day we were just talking about those little National Trail markers. By the way……I wasn’t on the National Trail so much as the National Trail was on the road I was taking… it is a fair bit, at least around this general area.

Had a bit of a look around and got a bit bushed in the East Nanango Forestry for a while.

Ah, now (according to the Flat EarthTM, anyway) I’m right……but I’m not real sure about Snowy!

Into Nanango, top up with fuel and head out sorta north west again.

Ah, now where was this again? Cant remember exactly, but not far from Nanango. Last thing I expected to see was mud, even a little bit like this. And look at that grass , they’ve obviously had a lot more rain out here than closer to the coast.

Bloody beautiful day. High 20s, with a gentle breeze. Just cruising along, taking my time and this looks like a nice little spot for………


On the…..err…road…err…again. That’d be the Bunya Mountains off to the south there. From there the Great Divide swings around to the north, making it to the west of where I am now.
Get it?.....cause I’m not sure I do!

And right on cue, there’s a bit of it to the west now. This district is known as Ironpot. I’m guessing that (there, centre distance) is the geographical feature the name is taken from.

But I could be wrong. Maybe it’s named after this…..the Ironpot Farmers Hall.

Now, this is the type of gate I like……and lovely light springs too!

Nice little spot on the creek, by the (quiet) roadside. Filed for reference as a future possible campsite.

Up the road a bit I followed the dingo fence for….well about long enough to take this photo really. There’s a good gravel road running parallel about 10 metres away.

Some people must have penalty units to burn. There were a couple of gates open along here.

Sounds scary. Luckily, well before nightfall I plan to be well and truly ensconced in the safe and luxurious surrounds of ……….

……….the Jandowae Hotel. I thought I’d travel a bit lighter and shout myself a room. It was alright .Clean sheets, clean and modern bathroom facilities and you can’t complain at $30.00 a night. I still reckon I’ll be back to camping next time.

Early the next morning I had breakfast in the park and went for a bit of a stroll around town. Jandowae is a pleasant town though it’s probably fair to say not the bustling centre it obviously once was.

Railway freight crane. The old branch line from Dalby is long gone.

Bottle trees tell you you’re west of the Great Divide (just) Conadamine catchment around here. As the dingo fence goes all the way to South Australia so does (a lot of) the water.

Local tourist attraction. Aww look, he’s even got his own little dingo fence.

A few of the many empty shops.

Lots of unusual buildings. Old Picture Theatre maybe?

And the pubs. All three of them still going……...



……and Bottom

Away The it's backroads to Durong. Taking it real easy as it was still only about 7 o clock and there was a lot of kangaroos in all that grass.

Rest of the 2nd day later.
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