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Stalling problem solved? Seems that way.

I've got an F650GS with a mid-2009 build date and pushing towards 50,000kms.
Since new, I have been living with the stalling problem. The local dealer (who controls a monopoly in this part of the country with the closest dealership with a different owner being about 450kms away) could find no problem under the warranty. "They all do that, senor", was the response.
Then, suddenly one day and without warning, my fuel pump controller failed (another story).
It was replaced with the black powdercoated newer version and presto! Hardly any stalling, about a 99% improvement.
I noticed when I gutted the old FPC, the upper socket, the black plastic one that fits into the controller, the contacts were merely piercing the solder on the little printed circuit board inside. Not really a cold joint per se, but a very odd effect where the solder was not "stuck" on the pins of the socket, it was merely touching them.
Unfortunately, this is not something you can check as it requires you to gut the FPC from the bottom up and renders the part unusable except for the "roll your own" emergency bypass cable.
If you still have a stalling issue, it might be money well spent to replace the FPC and see if it works. If it doesn't, you are not entirely wasting your money as at least you'll have a spare if the new one goes or if someone else's FPC goes south during a group ride.
Just thought I would pass this on. At a $175 bucks a pop, you might think twice about the part swap, but you should at least educate yourself with the Tim Cullis emergency splice method to get yourself home (as I have mentioned before).
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