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Originally Posted by krussell View Post
1) Husky offers hard cases and a top box made by Givi.
2) Giant Loop Great Basin and Coyote both fit well.
3) Wolfman's expedition bags work, but you have to fab your own brackets
Givi doesn't seem to make anything for Husky; Huskvarna is not even listed in their product search:
Giant Loop says their bags "will fit anything carrying a passenger" so I suppose that's close enough, but have you ever used their bags for long distance? I tested something similar and it was a real pain loading and unloading for camping night after night, 5000 miles+. 50 litres seems a tight squeeze . . . would dislike dumping the bike and tearing a $400+ piece of soft luggage.
Wolfman doesn't list Husky in their product search and their expedition bags are pretty small.
Only 19 litres, 38 total/pair. Not enough room.

Touratech offers a tail rack, but no side racks or cases.

I'll call a dealer and see what they recommend. The bike is so new nothing is made for it yet. Sounds like fabrication will be in order.
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