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I just turned 1400 miles on my 2013 Multi and enjoy it more with each ride. I did switch to a 14 tooth front sprocket. While the low speed fueling problem I felt in the demo ride of the 2012 was gone, the gearing was awkward at low speed, stop and go traffic. Too slow for second, too fast for first. Also at 70 to 75 mph it was a toss up between 5th and 6th gear. If in 6th, there was a lag in acceleration. With the 14 sprocket both issues are gone. At 70 mph 6th now has " grunt". Did not seem to affect mileage.

I'm 5'8" and get no turbulence from the windscreen. However the wind noise is quite noticeable. I installed the Wonderlich wind deflector and it made a big improvement. However, the bike seems to be effected more by wind turbulence from trucks than before. Not a severe problem, and may just be my imagination.

My only complaint is there are not yet any aftermarket windscreens or seats.
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