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Originally Posted by mrt10x View Post
I believe they only require stickers for certain named areas.. In fact I know that is the case because when Cheese, Lil, TMlee, the Trips and I camped up in MA we had routes we specifically laid out routes that avoided any riding that required stickers.
I've been heavily involved in this for a couple years now as a member of NETRA's BOD's. The only place you can operate without a sticker is on what is known as Chapter 90 roads.(with a street plate) Private property even requires a sticker. Until we just succeeded in getting a few changes passed, even motorcycles on a motocross track were required to have a sticker and racers under 18 were supposed to have passed a safety course. As it now reads, racers, if they are from out of state are exempt but in state bikes still have to get a sticker.

If you were up in W/MA and following the Berkshire Big Adventure route from last year, you were OK, because everything we used was a Chapter 90 road.
The specific named area you mention is Massachusetts. The only exempt areas are roads.

I don't mind if you don't want to get a sticker and ride anyway, I just want you guys to be aware of the potential consequences. In Tolland/Granville the local PD's are teaming up with the Enviro Cops to hand out $250 fines for riding w/o the reg. If you are on private property without permission they have been known to give out an extra $250 fine for trespass.

As far as not being able to ride a bike on Webster Lake, that seems wrong, if they are allowing snowmobiles on with the same registration.

Originally Posted by MATPOC View Post
I think MA requires a sticker for ANY off road riding, I'm gonna get one sooner or later so I can ride trails in Freetown, we had to stick to roads for now.

MATPOC is correct here if you want to be legal.
on one side the sign it said "Private Road", but on the other side it didn't say nothin'
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