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Originally Posted by bomber60015 View Post
Please forgive the slightly off topic post, but most every time I fire up the vendors page, I see "Official Adventure Rider Shirts and Capes."

For a brief, shining moment, I envision myself, standing next to my KLR, which has fallen, once again, in the sand, KNOWING that I can pick it up solo, because I am wearing my Adventure Cape!

The, I re-read the thread title, my shoulder sag a lil, and I move along.

Thank you for your indulgence.
A couple of notes on Holders of Superpowers...

none of them wearing a cape would ride a Klunky Lost Relic

and if you drop it in the sand best practice is to just leave it there and walk away. Should you change your mind it will still be there in ten years...

Sorry my flight got cancellled, just burning up time...
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