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Originally Posted by gbmaz View Post
Have you thought about doing a Kickstarter for doing an iOS version?

Just a thought, I know this more a "labor of love" project than any kind of revenue stream. I continue to be impressed with the version I have been using on my Android. But I jut got an iPhone and it would be cool to have it there too.

Thanks again for all of your hard work!
My feeling is that Google has absolutely NAILED the road stuff with Google Navigator (and obviously Dual Sport Maps is a fabulous off road app ;). Even if you are an "iPhone guy" I think buying a cheap/used Android device just for your bike is a better use of money than buying a Garmin. I got a Droid with a broken screen for $0 and repaired it with no experience or tools in advance for <$30 for parts and tools. Youtube told me exactly what to do. Smart phones are becoming ubiquitous, just get an extra one for your bike. Verizon is now required to allow Wifi tethering so I can even use my "real" phone as an internet source for my nav phone when I need new maps on the trail.

If I thought I could raise $100K on Kickstarter, I would do it, but I don't. Clearly the software isn't worth $100K or I would have earned that much in sales from the Android store. This may sound like a lot, but trust me that would be a discount. If you wanted to pay someone to develop the app and website for you it would cost a hell of a lot more than that. These are non trivial tools and this shit costs money. I think while it's awesome it also is just too small a market OR to small a marketing budget to turn it into a business. I didn't get into this to be a business anyway. In fact, I never actually planned to release the app. Some fellow ADVers insisted when I showed them the app at our regular burger and beer meetup.
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