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Thats actually an interesting mention. This past summer during some extreme temps, I happened to have a discussion with another rider who turned out to be a rider himself. Granted, at the time he was wearing a pair of shorts as he was local to the location we were in, but he was asking about my Roadcrafter Light I was wearing. Anyway, he mentioned how he had recently read a paper by another doctor about cooling and it related to riding. The point is during slow speed riding mesh is nice because it allows some airflow. However, during higher speed long distance riding mesh was actually bad as the additional airflow evaporated your bodies sweat in turn making it harder for your body to stay cool and of course leading to dehydration that much faster as your body would try to sweat more.

At the time, I just purchased the Roadcrafter and was actually on my way home from Duluth where it was purchased. I purchased the suit for colder weather / wet weather riding only and planned to stick with my mesh gear for hot weather. After this discussion though I wore the Roadcrafter on some hot long distance riding and I did feel better while riding. Sure I was hot when going slow in traffic or towns, but on the open road I felt better especially after a long day so there must be some merit.

To the OP, I love my Roadcrafter light. Much lighter wearing and more comfortable than a standard Roadcrafter. Super waterproof, and not near as hot as a standard one either. Also with some layering has been great in temps down to around 20 degrees.
have to agree when riding in extreme temps like say 105-110f+. which happened several times this last summer in Oklahoma. over evaporation happens with mesh gear at extreme temps.

then one piece Aerostich Roadcrafter single layer without insulation works better. but it's very uncomfortable when stopped. under stop and go HOT conditions Motoport Mesh Kevlar is better. just keep dumping water on your self. same as riding a bicycle under those conditions.

Motoport Mesh Kevlar is way more comfortable from 75f to 100f range for me. which is where most of my summer riding occurs.

note above comments are without an evaporative cooling vest. which I need to get... but have not due to getting by just fine without with Mesh Kevlar and drenching shirt with water as needed.

one thing is for sure ... heavy multi-layer goretex suits like two piece Aerostich Roadcrafter are miserable for hot weather riding around here... hot/humid conditions are common.

your mileage may veri...

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