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The backrest on a givi topbox works well.
If you run a top box then simply cut a racetrack shaped longish oval of thinner plywood,drill two mtg holes with countersunk screws, also cut same shaped foam & cover with a small piece of black vinyl wrapped around and contact glued to back of ply wood, then fasten to predrilled holes in case with sealant around the holes. Easy to make & cheap & works better than the poorly padded mfg versions and moves with the case.
As to ABS, while I've never had it I have discussed it with true bike experts that teach police & public riding skills at a high level & they say it truly can save your life on the road. Riding many bikes since 1963 w/o ABS I hope to own my first new bike soon & it will have ABS. The Wee is the front runner so far. The man that writes on of the tech columns for the BMW MOA ON magazine said, that after riding the wee in NZ on a tour, that if(probably a big if but...) all their bikes melted into a puddle from a fire he might just go buy a wee as the one replacement bike as they are a sweet ride. My test ride confirmed it to be a good choice for me but too tall & thats fixable.
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