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I seemed to have misplaced my balls.


I have to admit that I was a bit concerned about personal security while sleeping in my tent. *After 16 years of spending the night in high crime areas like Gary, IN, Compton, CA, and West Memphis, AR my crime detection sensors may need some calibration. *Until I actually fell asleep, every bit of rustling wind had to be a group of miscreants drooling over my...what? *Broken phone? *Camp stove? *Maybe my laptop. *I was the least worried about my motorcycle. *I figure that even if someone tried to make off with it they'd probably fall over just trying to get it out of the gravel. *I still slept with the rain fly open.

After justifying to myself that I could safely fall asleep it became pretty clear that my 15 degree sleeping bag wasn't going to cut it at 30. *I'm not sure that it was the bags fault. *What is one supposed to wear to sleep while camping? *After I donned my riding pants I was much more comfortable and managed to wander off to the land of slumber in short order. *For the rest of the night I was quite comfortable with the exception of my feet. *Add a pair of heavy socks to the list along with a hatchet.

Waking up was a different story. *It got down to about 25 degrees while I was cocooned in my North Face bag and the first unzip was bound to be a shock. *I wasn't really surprised that slipping on my boots felt like I was doing the polar plunge, but I was amazed that I could actually hear*my man bits shrinking. *A quick stowing of my gear and a speedy exfiltration to anywhere with hot coffee was in order.

As far as riding today... *My first stop was at Keel Brothers in Lawrenceville, GA. *My bike is a 2010 BMW F650GS with 10,500 miles on the clock. *It came off the showroom floor with Metzler Tourance EXPs, and still had a bit of tread on the rear. *I'm not exactly sure what happened to the front, maybe the previous owner left it out in the sun, but it had a lot of cracking in the rubber. *While it wasn't cheap, at $408 mounted and balanced, I bit the bullet and replaced them both with new Metzler Tourance (non EXP) tires. *These are slightly more dirt capable at 85/15 compared to the EXPs 95/5. *I couldn't tell a difference looking at them. *If I can squeeze anywhere near the same amount of miles out of these as the previous set I'll be a happy camper.

After another 100 miles or so it's time for a hot shower and bed at the Days Inn of Centre, AL.

Sorry, a bit lite on the pics today.

Violet Beauregard gets new shoes.
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