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Crawling out from under my rock...

I must have been living in my own private Idaho, but I just learned of this event last night. I'm not on the waiting list, but if I interpret the most recent posts correctly, registration is now first come first served with the last few spots going to whoever pays first even if they aren't on the waiting list since registration is closing in a matter of days?

If that is true I'd like to sign up. I'd be tent camping and pulling the bike on a trailer with a small SUV. It isn't clear
to me whether the 'trailer' part of the BT option suggests the trailer is a camping trailer -- from the campground diagram
it looks like BT sites are not intended for tents. Thus I'm not sure if I should sign up as a TR or BT, so assuming the worst case scenario I'll list myself as BT...

Steve (L18flyboy) -- R - BT3 - D3 - klr650

I'll submit a paypal payment of $107 as soon as I see confirmation that I'm not stepping on toes by jumping in
at the last second ala ebay bid snipers!
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