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Very interesting, Itsatdm. I'll have to pack some fuel and go run her dry to test this. Seems to be an odd configuration of communication. Countdown to zero, but still have 35 - 40 miles of range remaining. I'd think (or hope) the fuel light and the fuel range counter were sync'd together closer than that. Of course, I understand the fuel range is a computation based on running average for mpg. But still, it ought to be dialed in closer than that.

Nevertheless, it is what it is. So, good advice I go find out for myself. There's that "Knowing" issue again.

Now, come on new owners, I know you have some more stupid questions you want to ask. See what great info came out of the last question? I need your help, as I'm too stupid to even think of all the stupid questions. But here's another:

"If I perform my own oil changes, does that violate my warranty?"

Does all service really have to be done by a certified BMW mechanic to maintain warranty rights? Seems they have a loophole (or more likely "loop-out" at every turn). So, I just want to know....for sure. Is there a real policy rule regarding this issue. Because I'm surely not going to take my bike into the shop for basic service re-adjusting chain tension, bleeding hydraulics in the brake lines, etc. Where's the line drawn?

Iwas told by the salesman that as long as I kept reciepts for oil etc. and kept records and did the suggested work at the right mileage that the warrantee would be honored ..... Truth ?? We will find out won't we..... joy
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