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Originally Posted by Pecha72 View Post
Maybe I misunderstood something, but that sounds like a bit of a bizarre claim. For one thing (and please correct me, if Im wrong) the new 2012-> Wee has ABS as standard, all around the planet? I do agree though, that ABS is a great safety feature for riding on pavement or nice gravel. In fact the 2012 got a new ABS unit compared to the 2011.
Just my 0.02 of course.
The ABS was a driving factor in deciding to buy my Glee, not to mention the motor, very sweet. I agree with many above that understanding your personal limits as well as being familiar with your bike is what will keep you upright. No substitute for time in the saddle. I just had a discussion with some local friends. We are planning to go to Moab in April to ride bicycles with two support trucks. We brought up the topic of bringing our motorbikes but I immediately was uncomfortable doing that since I have yet to ride my Glee farther than around the parking lot at the dealer. Sugar sand, Rock shelves etc. is a recipe for disaster without being intimate with my bike first. Not a place to test out the ABS.
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