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Jan 5 12 Sea Lions, Lizards and other stuff

Tons (litterly) of sea lions lounging about.

And they will lounge anywhere

The dominate male likes to swim back and forth and make a distinctive racket to protect his brood from interlopers. However, he is so worried about other dudes sneaking a quickie behind his back that he doesn't bother to take time to eat. So, a combination of swimming back and forth, hollering and charming the ladies eventually wears him down.

Other males are always sneaking in trying to grab the eye of one of the females who are probably mad at the big guy anyhow because he just swims back and forth and yells and never buys her any jewelry. When the dominant male discovers the other guy eying up his ladies, the fight is on. Usually Mr Primo wins but eventually he has worn himself down while the new guy who is well fed, well rested and has been pushing weights lays a lickin on Primo. The new guy
can now swim back and forth acting like an 18 year old kid with a new car. Ex-Primo is then relegated to the Loosers Beachwhere all the looser males hang out, rest up, eat and pump iron so they can try to beat up some old guy and get some hot sea lion chicks.

In this video of some pups playing, you can hear the male and see his head pop out of the water a couple of times.

I seeee you . . .

The two main types of Iguana are land and see. I love these guys - they are so ugly!

The favorite food of the Land Iguana is the flower of this cactus

On islands with Land Iguanas, the cactus developes a trunk and the flowers grow out of the reach of the Iguanas like below. On islands with no Iguanas, the cactus grow low to the ground.

This guy found one of the flowers and rolled it around on the ground and in his hands, I presume to get all the spines off of it then, gobbled it down

Marine Iguanas are mostly black and have a long tail that they use to swim with

A mug only a mother could love

Godzirra . . .

To show how well they have adapted to the lava background, I counted 18 Marine Iguanas laying on the rocks in this photo

A steady supply of the very colorful Sally Lightfoot Crabs

We did a lot of snorkling and the area abounded with colorful fish and other animals. I was using my GoPro which took lousy photos and ok videos but, not worth posting. Saw sea lions (A Big Daddy was not happy when I was nearby), turtles, sharks, rays, etc. Here is a ray taken from the surface

The last day we hiked up to the top of the Sierra Negro Volcano on Isabella Island. It is one of the many active volcanoes on the islands and last erupted about 5 years ago. It just bubbled up in its caldera, part of which can be seen here. The far wall which looks like some mountains in the first pic is about 8 km away. It measures 10 km the other way.

Looking along one wall - it's a few hundred feet to the lava surface

Galapagos is a fascinating place and if you ever get the opportunity to go there, do it.
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