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Originally Posted by Leo562 View Post
I want to make a list of cleaning supplies to buy this week! any suggestions and if you could label what they are used for like i was wondering what you use to clean the carbs when doing a rebuild THANKS GUYS!
I use WD40 for lots of cleaning on the bike, especially degreaseing kind of stuff, I get it in the gallon can. (mineral spirts also works but I hate the smell of it)

For cleaning the bike I use Honda or Bike Spirts spray polish

For polishing metal I use an wenol, or like metal polish

For cleaning carbs I use Honda's branded carb cleaner or berrymans (you can find berrymans at autoparts store)
I tried Pinesol, and it just didn't work fast enough for me, nor did it get my carb clean enough. I still had to use the other cleaners.

Don't get carb cleaner on the soft rubber bits of the carb it trashes them right quick.
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