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interesting that Vetter just posted this today on ecomodders.
Vetter on the right shape

Consider the following:
Streamlining is only one shape: Round at the front, pointed at the rear
The smallest frontal area that does the job will determine the overall streamlined shape
Streamlining allows the least energy to push a person down the road

The Vetter goal:
Design for a person sitting upright and comfortable.
Design for being able to travel 70mph in 30 mph winds
Design to carry a useful load
End up with a vehicle that is “not more trouble than it is worth”
End up with a vehicle that is your “first choice”

The “Last Vetter Fairing”
When I began this project in 2009 I was aware that if I did my job well, this would be the last fairing I would ever need to design.

Anybody trying to solve the same problem will arrive at the same shape that I have.

This means that we will all look the same.

What is the point to each person re-inventing parts to end up with the same shape?
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