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Originally Posted by Tobz View Post
I'm using the new EBC "V" pads on my /6 and they work quite well. I'm using the stock MC with an SS line. Carefull caliper alighment is also a large factor.

Per EBC:
*Material Code - E391Material Description*Semi Sintered CopperNominal Friction - 0.41****DescriptionE391 is an asbestos free, organic, moulded friction material designed for use in heavy duty and off-highway motorcycle applications. 30% copper by weight added makes this a high copper pad close to sintered durability levels. It has a medium-high coefficient of friction (μ) which retains a highly effective braking performance over a wide range of operating temperatures. This material offers stable braking with minimal pad and rotor wear, and minimal dusting of wheels.*ApplicationHeavy duty long life organic material for heavier touring bikes. Being a semi-sintered pad containing 30% copper by weight, the V-pad combines the benefits of the “feel” of an organic pad plus the low heat generation and rotor galling features that organics have with the lifetime of a sintered pad.Wear Rate/Projected Street Miles - 0.75 grammes eq. to 42,800 milesTÜV German Approved Matl with KBA No. - 60995Design Conditions -Max. continuous temperature 400°C*Max. intermittent temperature 600°CPhysical Properties- Min. assembly shear strength, 400 N/cm2, Density, 2.98 g/cm3
Comparing the EBC 'V' pads to their organic kevlar pads, it seems the kevlar have the same or a slightly higher coefficient of friction:

The HH pads have significantly higher friction, but doubt my airhead will ever see them:

As part of my quest, the EBC 'V' pad were ordered. However, much like battling windmills, I somewhat doubt they will provide satisfaction. Spending more time tinkering with the ATE pivot is still an option. However, I found that the pivot does not lock, so any 'fine tuning' adjustments will change as the pivot rotates slightly when the brake is applied hard. All things considered, the brakes do work with three fingered braking.
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