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I will second most of what Squish said. I think because you are in California you can't get Berryman's B-12 Carb Cleaner. I think I've heard that. If so do get what ever Name Brand Carb cleaner. That is don't get the House Brand, cheaper, carb cleaner. The house brands at the auto supermarket stores sometimes have catchy names to trick us into buying them. Try to figure this out. There are several Name Brand carb cleaners that work better. Gumout is one. I'm not in favor of the type of carb cleaner in a large gallon can for soaking carbs. I had on of these once years ago and it did nothing but make a mess. If you have time and you probably do then use the PineSol soaking method. Find the thread here on AdvRider that explains it all. I think it's in the Garage.

I also like to use WD-40 for cleaning some things. It will clean oily messes off plastic and rubber. It is good for the Aluminum of our engines. Many of us use WD-40 to just spray wholesale on the engines to keep them from oxidizing which looks worse. If you get it on the seat you will have to use soap and water to get it off because a seat too slippery is not good for riding.

I like the Rain X products and they make a car wash that leaves a lightly waxed surface.

Don't use Armour All. For restoring rubber somewhat there is a Mother's product called "Back to Black". It works on all rubber and plastic to restore the original look no mater what color. One small size bottle is enough for quite a while.

Is there an air compressor in the garage? Take a picture if you can and don't forget we keep harping on the tools also. But of course I understand you're busy right now. Good Luck with the finals.
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