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Originally Posted by christian View Post
Great pictures, thank you!

1- Any reason you have the cycra handguards "curve" below the clutch/brake cable instead the normal "above" position? is it due to the Lynx fairing? or personal choice?

2- Doesn't the brake cable bumps into the Montana when riding and the fork compresses?

3- for the 12v plug - wouldn't the male connector for your device interfere with the brake cable?

Thank you
Hi Christian

1. Congraulations you won!! Bit of a 'balls up' on my part there!! Now rectified

2. Nope it doesn't actually move, but I am going fix some rubber hose on the brake line, just in case

3. It's a 12v double usb charger for my iphone and compressor, so the usb plug is very small in comparison to a 12v plug


I'll get me coat..............
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