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I'm not so much worried about someone stealing my bike (I have insurance for that), as I am worried someone is going to sit on the bike and maybe tip it over. Then I'm looking at cosmetic damage, and I'm out my deductible for the repairs. Or someone will plop their kid on the seat and he/she/it decides to snap off my mirror because, hey, shiny! Minor annoyances, really, but I'll avoid them if I can.

I've never heard of such a thing happening. Is that really a problem where you live? I know it isn't anywhere I've been.
Not so much where I live now, but I lived in Memphis a lot of years. Holy smokes, Batman! The things people would do to your bike were astonishing. I came out of the Wolfchase Mall one time and some fat chick had her two kids sitting on my bike! She was holding the bike upright and letting the kids make vroom-vroom sounds while she tipped the bike back and forth to simulate turning. I had three simultaneous aneurysms!!!

Truthfully, I don't have many problems with people messing with my bike. Now I live in a small town, and everyone is pretty respectful. However, I would just rather take a couple simple precautions when I park my bike for the night (especially out of town), rather than have to come up with my insurance deductible if someone damages my bike. It takes 30 seconds to throw my bike cover on. I don't mind.
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