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Originally Posted by squish View Post
I've had decent luck with back to black on surfaces that I don't touch. It's great to make the part look good for a little while,
But it doesn't last.

Some people have good luck with Rub & Buff art products for cleaning up alum surfaces. (you can find it at a lot of art supply houses) It has it's place but it can look a little plastic, or fake.

I've just discovered that Fast Orange works really really well at cleaning really dirty chrome wheels.
You mean Fast Orange hand cleaner?

I don't like Rub N Buff. It looks good I'll admit. But I think it clogs the pores of Aluminum. It's a principle. Something few around here remember anything about. OK, not that bad but I still won't use it.

I have one troublesome part on the handlebar switches. My bike bing a '75 has an headlight off/on switch on the left. It is Yellow, this one piece of the left switch. It gets Black spots. They look like mold. I have cleaned it with Back to Black but the spots come back. It's the only place I've noticed this sort of discoloration. Any ideas?
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