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Originally Posted by leftystrat62 View Post
Dang, they weren't available,nor did it sound like would ever be available when I purchased my stuff last year. Sorry for that bad info,but good to hear it's now available. Crazy amount of time I put into doing every wp,but worth the effort because it helped me get familiar with the route and where the established camp sites are. I think I may buy his UT,NV,OR gps files since those are the only states where I actual had to "direct" route certain sections that did not show up on the map.
Following his gps files should be soooo much more easy than following the roll charts(which I've decided to leave home).
You might want Colorado too as traversing the peaks is quite interesting. Oh, Yes, I had the regular charts/roll maps of yesteryear then purchased the better colored digital maps and roll I spend quite a bit of $$$ to complement the whole thing. My goal was to get to the rest of the West was too taxing in a enduro sidecar rig. Had a helluva good time dong it.

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