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Originally Posted by randyo View Post
oh yes they are, yer just getting off at the wrong exit or not opening your eyes, and when it comes to breakfast, truck stops are similar to mom & pop, they serve real fresh eggs and cook to order

you can stop along the way and see things as yo go, and never make it to your original destination, or you can travel quick get a glance as you pass by and get to really see what you wanted to at your destination

which one do you see more, I guess its a matter of perspective, but to me, a cornfield looks like a cornfield whether your looking at it from a highway or a back road, I can see more the faster I travel thru it, then when I get there, I have more time to get to the real back roads, and not just primary & secondary roads that show on the average paper map
That is the point here... he needs to get from Point A to Point B the quickest way possible, the less scenic route is the Interstate System. I call it a destination ride, when you get to point B you can slow down and hit the local Americana and see the better part of America. I'm so use to riding I-80 through the cornfields of Nebraska but when I took some of the state highways a few years ago I was surprised how much I've been missing. It was definitely slower but far more interesting. I could acquaint this to I-95 in Maine to US 1... nothing to see from the interstate but lots to see along the coastal route.

Again this summer I'll be riding up your way and taking mostly secondary highways. I find it refreshing to ride through woods than cornfields. On the way back we'll probably ride the interstate.
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